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Derived from intellectual property practice, JT&N’s entertainment and media law practice is one of the most distinctive in China. Our entertainment industry clients almost cover the whole field of the culture, film, TV and entertainment industry such as the show business, major movie, television, music production, drama and dance, game and cartoon, publishing, sports event, Internet new media and large activities, etc. Being a recognized leader, JT&N’s attorneys have special expertise when it comes to advising clients in the entertainment and media industry.

Our entertainment group lawyers not only provide comprehensive legal service for singers, actors, directors and scriptwriters, but act as legal counsels for government agencies, TV stations, management companies and entertainment companies, and we have a great reputation among clients for our proficiency and rich experience in entertainment and media law practice.

Because of our long experience as legal counsels for the Ministry of Culture, we have an easy access to knowing about the performance and legal orientation of culture and entertainment industry, and we also align ourselves with government agencies, trade associations, collective management institutions and academic units. We are usually entrusted to participate in the projects organized by PRC ministers and invited to draft and negotiate industry policy, industry planning and rules and regulations. We also always make professional argumentation on judicial interpretations, make reasonable analyses for certain industry from the perspective of development policy and legal system, and provide prospective legal suggestions for business expansion, business model adjustment and strategic formulation.

In the light of the long-term practice inspiration, JT&N’s attorneys concentrated on studies and wrote two entertainment law books in China named Law Entertainment and When celebrities encounter the law, and we also set up one of the most professional Wechat official account of entertainment law in China called zhougongguanyu.

JT&N’s entertainment and media group lawyers have long-term experience in the following areas:

●Act as perennial or special legal counsels for artists, companies, government agencies and trade associations, provide legal consulting services and draft and negotiate business agreement, as well as deliver legal lecture.

●Draft, examine and revise legal documents such as contracts, agreements and systems in the trades of culture, film and TV and entertainment.

●Provide professional legal opinion for entertainment and media fields.

●Provide special legal service for film and TV, show, sports event, music production, e-commerce, Internet new media and publishing.

●Design and carry out protection scheme on intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, domain names and franchise rights.

●Resolve entertainment and media disputes and act on behalf of plaintiff or defendant to litigate and arbitrate in trademarks, copyrights, patents and unfair competition cases.

●Provide investment and financing legal service in the field of entertainment and media, including institution establishment, due diligence, design of transaction scheme, merger and acquisition, design of stock incentive plan and fund establishment and management.

●Accept legal policy research on entertainment and media industry conducted by government agencies, trade associations, collective management institutions and academic units and provide legislative basis and legal advice.