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JT&N’s Securities and Capital Markets Practice is among the most preeminent in China and a pioneer in the field. One of the first in the earliest group of Chinese law firms to attain qualification to provide capital markets-related legal services, JT&N has been providing clients with relevant legal services since the inception of China’s securities market. Our practice remains vital to this day, accumulating rich expertise and experience with every aspect of Chinese securities practice, as well as establishing excellent and stable communication channels with relevant industry participants and regulatory authorities.

JT&N’s Securities and Capital Markets Practice has led many industry “firsts,” including:

  • the first listed company to implement business integration, resolving horizontal competition via trusteeship;

  • the first listed company to conduct equity restructuring, realizing the privatization of state-owned enterprise via repurchase of the state-owned shares;

  • the first listed company large-scale trademark transfer;

  • the first continuously profitable listed company to fundamentally change its principal business via complete asset replacement;

  • the first state owned listed company to publicly conduct a share incentive program;

  • the first time a listed company’s state-owned largest shareholder carried out debt restructuring and equity restructuring via bankruptcy;

  • the first time a securities company’s liquidation affairs were taken over by a liquidation task force formed by lawyers;

  • the first time a listed company’s shares were circulated following equity division reform;

  • the first listed company to break through the legacy rules and carry out an equity division reform via targeted increase by transferring;

  • the first time a trust company realized back-door listing via consolidation;

  • the first group of enterprises listed on the SMEs board;

  • the first group of financial enterprises to issue financial bonds.

Our principal legal services are outlined below:

  • We provide pre-IPO companies with relevant legal services, such as shareholding reform, initial public offering (IPO) both at home and abroad, application for listing (e.g., application for listing in the domestic and international main board markets, SME board, growth enterprise market, third board and other types of securities markets).

  • We provide legal services associated with private placement, follow-on offering, allotment of shares, equity transfer, restructuring (including back-door listing), ownership transformation (including the transformation of state-owned enterprises), share acquisition and reverse takeover, major asset acquisition, major investment (e.g., sole proprietorship, joint investment, collaboration and joint operation as well as other types of investment), issuance of preferred stocks (e.g., convertible bond, detachable warrant, enterprise bond, company bond, financial bond, short-term financing bond), warrants and equity and stock option incentive (rewards).

  • We provide associated legal service for securities companies, futures companies and investment companies.

In each case, we provide comprehensive client support, encompassing legal consultation, due diligence, project design and provision of legal opinions, as well as relevant due diligence reporting and the preparation and negotiation transaction documentation support in a wide variety of ancillary matters that may arise in the course of our transactional representation.  In addition to the above, we in many case act as long-term external legal advisor to our clients, and often tap on JT&N’s comprehensive legal service capacities to satisfy any client requirements.