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For many corporate and other investors in China, skillful management of employee issues is the key to retaining talented personnel in an environment where competition for talent and experience can be fierce. The effective communication of their unique culture to new employees is critical for building a successful PRC-based operation that is harmoniously integrated into a larger global entity. Compliance with multiple layers of laws and regulations can be challenging. JT&N’s labor law group provides expert advice on labor law and employee benefits and aims to provide clients with a solid legal foundation for employment policies, labor relationship management, social security benefits and human resource management. With the continuing acceleration of reforms in the PRC legal system governing labor and benefits, reliable access to timely, informed legal advice in these areas has become essential to successful business operations in China. Foreign investors are increasingly aware that appropriate employee policies directly underpin business stability and growth. JT&N has accumulated a deep reservoir of practical experience over the course of a decade of practice in this field, and supports its clients with up-to-the-minute knowledge of all PRC laws, rules, policies and administrative guidelines on labor, employee benefits and human resources. Our creative and innovative approach to these issues is grounded in years of practical experience.

JT&N clients span a wide spectrum of organizational and operational structures, and the firm prides itself on its ability to tailor advice to the requirements and characteristics of individual industries, as well as to the management modes of employers and the long-term human resource needs and goals of each company.

JT&N’s labor and employee benefits lawyers are experts at dealing with issues arising in the context of complex circumstances such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, redundancy and bankruptcy. We maintain close channels of communication with relevant national, regional and local industrial associations, governmental agencies and legislative and judicial authorities, as well as experts and scholars in order to constantly improve and enhance the quality of our legal services in this area.

JT&N focuses on providing employers with practical and far-sighted legal advice on the basis of China’s ever-evolving legal and regulatory environment and the development of labor relations and labor legislation in China.

The firm’s labor and employee benefit services include:

Providing an integrated package of legal advice regarding labor management and benefits, compensation and human resource management based on the client’s management style and the practices and requirements of the client’s industry

Drafting, reviewing and advising on employment contracts and internal employee policies and procedures for compliance with PRC law and regulations, as well as standard PRC industry practices

Providing advice to individual employers and employees with respect to local and expatriate employees, senior management personnel contracts, non-compete contracts, executive compensation arrangements, and benefits and compensation structuring

Designing and overseeing the implementation of employee plans for employers under special circumstances such as mergers, acquisitions, pre-IPO restructuring, redundancy and bankruptcy

Advising employers in connection with collective bargaining and labor union issues

Providing legally-mandated in-house labor union and staff representative meetings with guidance, suggestions and legal services

Providing substantial advice and on-going support for labor arbitration and litigation

Updating clients as to the latest legislative, administrative and judicial developments concerning labor and employee benefits