To maximize the protection of your legitimate rights and interests

Trusts and leasing constitute essential business practices in China, and JT&N’s Trusts and Leasing Practice is an acknowledged leader in the field.  Lead by Mr. Chen Biaocheng, a partner and well-known PRC business lawyer with many years of experience, JT&N’s Trusts and Leasing Practice is widely recognized for its innovative solutions, for the depth and breadth of its legal expertise and for its leadership in theoretical research. 

JT&N’s legal trusts and leasing services include a comprehensive design, establishment, operation and compliance review of a wide range transaction structures and products, including:

  • assets securitization;

  • real estate trusts;

  • structured trusts;

  • securities investment trusts;

  • equity investment trusts;

  • enterprise annuity trusts;

  • charitable trusts.

JT&N assists clients at every stage, from analysis and preparation through project conclusion, including consultation with respect to the establishment and maintenance of effective trust and leasing structures, encompassing subleases, leveraged leases, sale-leaseback and joint leases, to name just a few.  Furthermore, the JT&N team routinely provides legal commercial enterprises with legal advice addressing a broad range of related commercial matters, including:

  • preparation, establishment and operation of financial leasing companies;

  • participation in the design of legal programs combining several financial instruments, such as trusts, leasing, and factoring;

  • provision of assistance in the establishment of legal risks prevention system;

  • participation in the negotiation of financial leasing transactions and due diligence, as well as provision of legal support;

  • provision of training on legal and financial leasing matters to financial leasing enterprises, including financial leasing contract forms;

  • representation in ancillary legal affairs, such as collection, consultation, negotiation, mediation, litigation and arbitration.

Additionally, the JT&N team is particularly adept in cooperation with international legal teams and consulting firms, ensuring an outstanding ability to efficiently handle a wide variety of important, difficult and complicated trust and leasing matters suited to any circumstances.