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Bankruptcy is an essential practice area included among the suite of professional legal services provided by JT&N. Led by Mr. Zheng Bin, a senior partner with many years of experience, JT&N’s Bankruptcy Practice is widely recognized for its strong capabilities and outstanding client service. JT&N has substantial experience representing clients in connection with acquisitions of financially troubled companies, their operations or assets, in transactions both within and outside the State-owned assets restructuring framework. 

JT&N represents a broad range of clients in various types of restructurings and recapitalizations. In particular, we are experts in corporate liquidation and dissolution and excel at providing constructive solutions to financial clients in projects involving the restructuring of debtor companies.  As one of the first PRC law firms to be approved to represent clients in transactions involving State-owned assets, JT&N has developed and refined practical, knowledgeable and creative approaches to transactions involving such complex scenarios, as well as the legal issues surrounding corporate restructuring, recapitalization, transformation, merger and acquisition with respect to State-owned enterprises. 

A common aspect of contemporary M&A activity is a focus on internal corporate restructurings, including spin-offs and split-offs, and other techniques for refocusing value. We have significant experience in this area, bringing to bear the firm’s knowledge in tax, employee benefits, and other practice areas critical to such transactions. JT&N’s capability to smoothly blend M&A experience together with the Firm’s expertise in restructuring, bankruptcy and reorganization and other relevant practice area specializations is a proven factor in securing optimum outcomes for our clients in a broad variety of scenarios.