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JT&N’s international trade practice was established in 1998, and JT&N has since become one of the leading international trade law firms in the PRC. International trade law has always occupied an important position in China, and trade issues have become even more crucial since China’s accession to the WTO in 2001. Our international trade practice combines professional excellence with focused knowledge of the constantly evolving legal framework for international trade transactions.

Our leading edge in the international trade area is grounded in the substantial experience JT&N lawyers have accumulated through direct participation in a wide variety of cases. A solid indicator of the pre-eminent position occupied by JT&N in the field of international trade law is the fact that over the years the firm has been retained by foreign manufacturers and exporters in more than a substantial proportion of the international trade cases initiated by China to date. The founding members of JT&N’s international trade practice were among the first PRC lawyers to provide manufacturers and exporters with legal advice on PRC anti-dumping regulations. We have been involved in the joint representation (with foreign legal counsel) of a large number of Chinese manufacturers and exporters in response to more than 60 trade investigations in foreign jurisdictions. As a result of this level of collective experience within the firm, we have consistently achieved positive results for all of our clients in their international trade matters.

JT&N’s professional capabilities in the field of international trade law are further strengthened by the excellent working relationship the firm has developed with the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). The firm is one of the few PRC law firms to have been retained by MOFCOM to deal with bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations and WTO dispute settlements.