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Criminal litigation is a top practice included among the suite of professional legal services provided by JT&N.  Led by Mr. Yuan Wei, a senior partner with over thirty years of experience, JT&N’s litigation practice is widely recognized for its strong expertise, solid academic and theoretical grounding and an outstanding ability to deal with a wide variety of important, difficult and complicated criminal litigation matters.  In addition to other criminal issues, the JT&N team routinely provides individuals and commercial enterprises with support in connection with white-collar criminal matters, providing professional, high quality and reliable legal services at every point of the process.  This support extends from risk prevention to criminal defense, including a comprehensive range of solutions encompassing the analysis, prevention and mitigation of white-collar criminal risks and direct representation.

Our principal criminal litigation services are described below. 

Criminal Defense

JT&N’s criminal litigation team provides comprehensive criminal defense support, including of legal advice, legal representation and defense at every stage of a proceeding.  These services encompass filing, investigation, prosecution, first and second instance representation, enforcement review and death penalty matters, ensuring access to and the full exercise of each and every litigious right available under the law, including:

  • representation of criminal suspects during investigation, review and prosecution stages, or for defendants and appellants during trial stages;

  • representation of plaintiffs in the instigation of criminal proceedings;

  • representation of parties to a criminal proceeding in connection with criminal and civil matters collateral to criminal proceedings; and

  • representation of parties to a criminal proceeding in connection with appeals and other matters ancillary to a criminal matter.

Prevention and Mitigation of White-Collar Criminal Risks

In addition to other criminal matters, JT&N’s criminal litigation team also provides a full range of services in connection with the prevention and mitigation of white-collar criminal risks and white-collar criminal proceedings, including: 

  • providing management training on the prevention and mitigation of corporate criminal risks;

  • analyzing and evaluating the risks enterprise vulnerability to white-collar criminal activity;

  • advising with respect to a wide range of measures for mitigation of white-collar criminal risk exposure; and 

  • providing prompt support in the event of the instigation of a white-collar criminal proceeding.