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It is a time of rapid technological and commercial change in China and the world as a whole, with each year witnessing new breakthroughs in fields relating to the Internet and E-commerce.  As a pioneer in the field, JT&N’s involvement in the E-commerce sector spans nearly two decades, accumulating rich practice experience in key aspects of the industry including information networks and network security, Internet media, virtual products and currency trading, bulk commodity trading via E-commerce platforms, internet advertising, the Internet lottery industry, mobile payment systems, Internet infringement and Internet intellectual property protection, cyber security and personal data protection, to name just a few.  

Around the globe, legal regimes are striving to keep pace with explosive growth in the E-commerce space, and China is no exception. Accordingly, our team conducts extensive and deep legal studies of on important aspects of the sector, and have been actively involved in the development and drafting of key legislation in this field, maintaining currency with the latest developments and trends.

JT&N’s E-commerce team is an industry leader, and has been honored to represent preeminent companies such as Microsoft, whom we represented with respect to the introduction of entertainment business entry into the Chinese market. JT&N provided comprehensive legal service in connection with legal and policy risk control for Microsoft’s XBOX1 business, STB business, online games, online audio and video media, integration, and “lock-in” and access restriction. We have also provided information network and E-commerce services for Microsoft with respect to image and video search, personal data protection and participation in IT standard setting.

Additional highlights of our E-commerce-related engagements have involved Intel (personal data protection), IBM (OSS), Sina (online lottery sale), Ministry of Culture (Cyber Division), Central Organization Department (Information Center), Baidu (MP3 search), KingSoft (security software), Kaspersky (network security), Tencent (network anti-unfair competition), 5173 (virtual product trading platform), China Advertising Association (network advertising), LINEKONG (mobile gaming) and Netease (mobile gaming criminal enforcement).